Friday, 13 April 2012


A selection of letters received.


Congratulations on the new paper. I loved it. And thanks for the free CD. Every song is wonderful. I particularly liked the 'Subsidy Junkie Song' and go about singing it all day now. The chorus is particularly catchy and I’m often to be heard belting it out with a smile on my face:

You're always on the dole jock, 
Your arse is big and round, 
You're just a subsidy junkie, 
Injecting English pounds.

John Bull


I knew it. I knew Salmond was the beast. There are too many signs and portents pointing to this to be ignored. Well done on exposing him.

Iain G


Surely you should be using the Scottish pronunciation in your paper? Jock is of course an English pronunciation. A much better method of communication to your readers would be to use the Scottish way of saying this, which is Joch. As with 'loch' the English have problems with pronunciation - and therefore they corrupt it to 'lock'. Many a time I have chapped on the back of the head ignorant tourists as they stand in front of our beautiful lochs and say 'gee what a wonderful lock.' The water carries them out into the 'lock' and the fish do the rest. So, come on Jochman on Sunday! use the proper pronunciation. (Editor: the police have been informed.)

Davey Dunnum

Other letters received:

You are brilliant.

Wonderful paper.

You should get a medal.

Thank God someone is prepared to tell the truth about Salmond.

Proof that Salmond is not fit for porpoise.

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